Child car seat monitor (new product)

Was brainstorming uses for the wyze sensors and thought itd be wonderful to be able to connect them to a child’s carseat so if you leave the car it notifies you the child carseat is still connected (ie the child is still in the car) would help prevent forgetting a child in the car and document that you remembered to drop them off at daycare for example.

This would have to be a new product because (1) it would need to be developed specifically for and certified for use in this application, and (2) it would need to incorporate mobile communications. Thus, I have re-titled the topic accordingly and entered it into the #wishlist.

Anything for kids … :purple_heart:

sign…the newbie.

I e had an idea similar to this one. I have 3 kids all in rear facing car seats. Mirror thing suck especially at night. Would love to have a small camera system with a light (to comfort the kids if necessary) and microphone one it where I can check on my kids during long car rides and talk to them if they’re having issues (mini-van, one kid is really far away)