Charging outdoor camera - what am I missing?

Ok. first of all, my two outdoor cameras are not lasting 3 to 6 months on a battery charge. I think maybe it went 30 days, and I’m down to 7%. So then I thought OK I’ll just bring the camera in and charge it. Not thinking/realizing that I have to uninstall the entire camera to bring it inside. Meaning unscrew it from where it’s been mounted. Am I missing something? Do I have to unmount and remount every time I go to charge this camera?

The other thought I had was to run a very long extension cord and just plug it in while it’s still mounted and then when it’s finished, unplug it.

Let me know how you’re charging your cameras - would love to know!

The camera is connected to the mounting base with a magnet. Pull on it, it should come right out.


You shouldn’t have to unscrew anything. The actual camera is held on the mount via a strong magnet. Just pull the camera off the mount and take it inside to charge.


Yay! I knew that unmounting couldn’t be the solution! Thank you!