Changing cell phone

I recently traded in my old phone. The new phone no longer has access to my detection zones; I am being treated as a shared phone. How to I make my new phone the primary.

Wha detection zones are you talking about? The camera detection zones are controlled in the app. If you’re talking about the lock geofencing, try disabling Bluetooth on the other phone.

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The detection zones don’t show up in my app because the phone appears to be treated as a shared phone even though it is my only phone.

For the camera or lock? I’ve never herd of this issue, but I don’t have the lock so it may be something with that.


Yeah. This makes no sense.

There’s is no primary or secondary or anything like that with the app.

I have the app installed on multiple devices with the same account info and they all work exactly the same regardless of wether an instance of the app is opened on a different device or not.

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Your new phone - Are you with the same phone compay + same number + eMail address?
What method was used to transfer your information from the old → new phone?
Can you still log into your account?

If you don’t have any Outdoor Cameras - Delete the Wyze app, power down the phone, then boot up and reinstall the App and cams. If you have gMail account delete the old phone at