Changing Cam-Pan-V3 to another network

Per the thread " Live video stream goes where?", it appears I have a need to move my Cam-Pan-V3 from one wifi network to another.

I know this has been asked before but I can’t find it, so my apologies for the repeat… How do I go about programming the Cam-Pan-V3 to another wifi network without losing all of my settings?

Don’t delete you cam from the Wyze app.

Copy whatever name you gave your cam.

Press the Reset button on your cam.

Wyze app Home > Add (“+” in upper left corner) > Add Device > Cameras > Wyze Cam Pan v3 > Next > Select your new network > continue following on-screen instructions but give your cam the same name as before.

Your cam will appear exactly as before under the new network and all settings will be retained.


The “Setup” button, correct?

Just a short press, not a long press?

a short press until you feel/hear it click. You’ll know you did it correctly when you hear a loud voice prompt from the cam.


Thanks, that did it.


:smiley: :+1: