Change WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password without device reset

I never understood this.
How is this more secure? Do passwords wear out over time? :slight_smile:

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The first way I see that it makes sense if is in a an environment where the WiFi password might end up in the hands of people that shouldn’t have access (e.g, ex-employees/roommates, friends of current employees/roommates). Any enterprise network of any size is going to be using more than simple WiFi network passwords for authentication, making this only a concern for rather small businesses with turnover and people with rotating roommates or that one that shares too freely.

The other is if someone has reason to believe a hacker is camping out within WiFi range (no doubt complete with a long range antenna) and running something like a KRACK attack. This isn’t someone the average homeowner should have need to be concerned about, especially if they aren’t living in a crowded WiFi environment. Unless one has a bored and skilled teenager or unemployed person living within range, someone with the skills would be going after higher value targets.

I live alone, don’t give my WiFi password to anyone (and would use a guest network if I did), and only have a few other WiFi signals that will even weakly show up, so my WiFi password has been the same probably since I got my first router.

Both of your reasons are valid and would be considered compromised passwords. In both cases you would change your password right away.

The recommendation is to change passwords regularly on a schedule. That is what I don’t see as a necessary safety step.

My employer has so many systems that require different passwords with different requirements that it’s impossible to remember them. I use Biwarden software to manage them but I see a lot of employees with a list of passwords on sticky notes.

There has been a change in trend in the password space.

Where a lot of companies required you change your password every 90 days as a best practice.

The new practice is longer, more complex, phrased passwords that never change.

Easier read than the NIST publication.

I just know if I ever sell my house, with as much “smart” stuff I have installed that I would not be removing, the new owner would want me to give them my existing Wireless Info. :rofl:

There is a difference in NIST publications relating to wireless security and digital identity services. You are correct in regards to user identity, but this is not a publication relating to wireless security.

For sure, craming all things password, more related to user access.

My workplace requires changing the login for a policy website on a regular basis. Fortunately, they don’t check for similarity to the previous password, so I just use the same “base” password (a made up non-dictionary word) and add the current date to that (and only keep that on the sticky note).

They also force the change of the computer login on a regular basis, but everyone in the department shares the same password, so if we forget that one, we just ask someone else. :grinning:

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Yes, 12 foot high installations or other tricky environments. Updating wifi password or SSID is sometimes necessary but users may avoid doing so because they can’t physically access their Wyze cams to update!


Given the introduction of some of their recent products (aka floor lights)…

How is this still a thing?

It’s still a thing with every brand of camera, light bulb, light strip and plug that I own.
I don’t know of any that you can change Wifi SSID / login / password without resetting them.

It would be great but I don’t think we’ll ever see it.

What would be so hard about having a Settings option to re-trigger setup in the App (per camera) instead of requiring people to disassemble housings and disturb painstaking aiming alignment to press the !@#$% button?

I know there are more comprehensive batch ideas out there, but for minimal cost and complexity on Wyze’s part, this could be a good compromise. The necessity to show the barcode to each camera without removing from housings is a better option, IMO, than doing nothing, which is their current strategy.


Even something triggered with power on/off the way most light bulbs are.

Easier solution: UI adds an advanced “Fallback Wifi” setting with SSID/Password.
If the primary wifi fails, device uses the fallback.

I have posted on this topic before & wondered if Wyze was ever going to act on this? I see the topic marked “maybe later,” but I really feel that Wyze should have our back on this! A simple reset button, or ability to scan for a new network connection would be an awesome way to not have to reset every device on the network!

I have cameras, sockets, bulbs, doorbell, etc. The IoT devices on the Deco run great. I have put off switching the others because it’s such a time consuming pain.

Wyze, will you please take another look at this & escalate? Thank you!

PS…I am not techy enough to know about SSID, etc, so that doesn’t help me. :grin:


What current Wyze products allow you update Wifi network on the fly?

On my gear I notice the following support it:

  • Lock Gateway

  • WCO Base (Assuming this can be changed once you cutover from ethernet)

I have simple ESP 8266 devices that allow for Wifi network changes so not really a big ask for this function.

I am handicapped and need this functionality!!! I can not get to all my cameras, which someone else installed for me. They are not always available.


The lock gateway is easy to change, can we get that functionality ported into the cams and lightbulbs? I changed my router and set up the guest network with my old SSID and password so I have connection to the devices. If only the ability to change the network I wouldn’t have to risk injury by having to climb a ladder to reach each camera.

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Putting myself in a product manager’s shoes… Is this a nice-to-have or a blocker? It may seem to be a nice-to-have, but in my case, it is shaping up to be a blocker.

I am on the verge of changing my internet/wifi situation at home such that the wifi name will be changing on a regular basis. But this will make it very cumbersome and a big waste of time to set up all my Wyze devices over and over. I’ve been debating whether to choose my preferred internet/wifi setup or to choose having Wyze Cams and Plugs, and at this point, am thinking the former wins, and I’ll stop using the Wyze devices.

So not having this feature is a blocker.

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That’s what I did - still need the ladder though!

I need this capability for a different reason. I have 2 v3 cameras underneath my motorhome to detect catalytic converter thieves. But we move the RV frequently: sometimes it’s at home, sometimes at a self-storage location miles away (where it is most at risk), and (most fun) when we’re actually using it we are always at different campgrounds, All these places have different wiFi. And different physical addresses for emergency responders. Ideally, we would create a list of Addresses, wiFi names and passwords, then switch between them without needing to redo setup. It would also be great to have a photo of the motorhome on file passed to emergency responders.

If you add this functionality you could market directly to motorhome owners: every one of us is terrified. It’s a huge problem since Catalytic Converters bring thieves several hundred dollars each and motorhomes are a perfect target because 1) it’s easy to slide underneath (high road clearance) and 2) self storage lots and RV dealers lots are full of motorhomes sitting unused for months. Cameras can easily be powered from a cigarette lighter outlet.