Change WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password without device reset

Hey Loki, thank you for using workaround. I think the wyze forum should have a #workaround global link for these posts to filter through all the posts were people are just coming in to add their 2 cents and NO help for the community. I just added my helpful insight as well. But, my issue was I lost wifi in the area for a few days SSID and password are still the same but now all 6 cameras refuse to connect… Craptastic…

Isn’t there something like LoJack so parents can keep track of their kid’s driving habits? Max speeds, locations visited, etc. Saw it on a car (Ford?) commercial once and figure there should be a retrofit version available somewhere? Maybe not cost effective?

Good point for normal rentals. A few people I know include internet in the apartment rent to compete with nearby dorms/townhouses with lots of amenities, etc.

Very interesting problem though!

Yes, there is but I’m cheap and I’m always looking for the cheapest way to get anything done and the money made from this P2P co would not allow a profit margin. But, a rooted smartphone hidden and charging some where in the car could monitor such things. Only problem I’m running into is that android’s auto login to public wifi doesn’t work well enough.

Is the problem just with public wifi that has a landing page or any public wifi?

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It’s odd, if I happen to be around McD’s per se and I venture into my WIFI settings it’ll tell me it’s setting up automatic free public connection or something to that effect. But, it only seems to do once I’m looking for it. So I’m not sure if it’s already been triggered and connected or I’m being visited by the process notification that already has been done OR as previous assumed it’s not fully triggered til I start looking. It’s all very wonky and I’m not sure why either would be setup by a android/wifi programmer. I did buy a cheap Moto droid that I have on the table of shame that needs to be tinkered together as my car trip logger it should be able to log GPS and the such even if it doesn’t give me realtime stats nor more passive uploads when near a public hotspot.

Other project would be to have said 'droid connected to a bluetooth lock that would allow entrance to the vehicle remotely. It currently just has a generic real estate key box hanging off the car. Not to sly for a tech lover. But, its on the list.

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Instead of -

  • having to get the ladder, take it outside, set it right, climb up the latter to the camera, remove the camera, adjust the base of the camera to get to the reset button, push the reset button, wait for the prompt, show the camera the QR code, then get get through the updated settings, re-adjust the foot of the camera, se the camera back in place, look at the phone to see the camera’s feed, spend time adjusting and re-adjusting the camera to get the coverage you had before you touched it, then get down from the ladder, take down the ladder, go to the next camera, and repeat the process…

why not -

  • use the Wyze app to create a QR code, stand in front of a camera with the code, the camera sees the code, checks authorization, and then updates the WiFi automatically.
    Then repeat the process at the next camera.


  • by Wyze updating the firmware in the camera to store a unique identifier in each camera. This identifier is a secret password that can only be generated by my Wyze account, and can be read by the cameras, even if they are now operating without an internet connection. So that if I generate a QR code produced by the Wyze app, it includes the identifier, and the new WiFi information, so the cameras can update themselves without me having to touch them.

This way, when I get a new cable box, with new WiFi.
I can log in to my Wyze account with my phone,
generate a new QR code that includes the password, and the new WiFI information for the cameras.
I show the camera this information and it does double verification:
First- it verifies internally that the identifier is correct.
it adopts the new WiFi information (holding the old WiFi info in a buffer)
Then it checks with the Wyze server to see if a new QR code has just been requested by this account.
If it has, then it continues to use the new WiFi information.
If either check fails, the camera returns to the old WiFi information.

This can work for more distant cameras as well- Use an iPad, or capture the QR code on the screen of the phone, print it out on paper. Walk around the house and show the paper to each camera.

"QR Code Scanned…
“Contacting Wyse”
“Camera Ready.”

And on to the next camera.

No ladders, no touching cameras. No having to re-position each camera after updating.
And a house full of cameras can be updated in a couple minutes.

(Tech note- obviously use a hash for the entire string of data, so if anyone else sees the QR code, the identifier can’t be parsed. Even though an attempted rogue update would still fail the second test.)

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Hello it would be nice feature to have the ability to switch wifi networks within each device.

Does wyze have the ability to switch networks within each device?

They currently do not

I know it’s a wish…:slight_smile:

Regarding Itsjustme’s suggestion for a QR code to force a WiFi change - specifically for hard to reach cameras. Do you really expect a Wyze camera to be able to read a QR code on your phone screen from 20 feet away - or even 10 feet away? They can’t read a license plate from less than 20 feet away. Heck, they have a hard enough time reading the QR code from 6 inches away - just look how many forum posts there are about that…

Nice idea - outside technical reality.

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Regarding K6CCC’s comment on my idea.

My Idea never said scan a phone from 20 feet away.

I said a person could capture their phone screen, print it out on a piece of paper. Given that the Wyze camera can ALREADY parse a 1" QR code several inches from the camera, it shoudl be able to recognize the code printed on letter paper, held several feet from the camera.

I haven’t read how many forum posts there are, because I haven’t had to. The QR code has been working for me. THat’s what I was basing my recommendation on.

So even if I have to get just a close, the point is to not have to unmount and disassemble camera setups. And that is indeed within technical capability.

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If you are trying to do this with camera that require all the effort that you said with getting out a ladder, I’m thinking up under the eves. Since the camera is likely NOT pointed at the ground right below the camera in most cases, that does mean being 10 to 20 feet away before you are in the field of view. And BTW, I personally have confirmed that a Wyze camera can not read a license plate 12 to 15 feet away. If it can’t read a license plate 12 feet away, it certainly is not going to read a QR code (unless maybe you print it out on poster size paper) at that distance. Might work if you can get within a foot or two, but not much more…

in ice and snow, it would be safer to print a large QR code, tape it to the end of a pole and stick it in front of the camera then using a ladder.
Edit to add. in my case, I could get a broomstick in front of an under eve camera through an open window instead of 18-20 feet off the ground on a ladder.

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I agree! This is possible but need to paste the QR code on cardboard backing and hold it at the focal distance for a few seconds to scan. To confirm read, need to be able to hear the ack’ from cam.

The QR code would have to be unique for that camera so it would need to be on a working uSD card inserted in the camera, assuming it was still able to read it.

Then need that coded into the camera F/W and add an option to the Android and Apple apps to provision this varient to most people’s confusion as to why this was aded just bc a few live in an urban area where they need to mount their camera so high they can’t reach them without jumping on a ladder.

And what about the WiFi password, network name, and prompt for the QR code? Well all this is possible but there are many variables to be addressed which are different for each installation.

It would be nice to be able to transfer an image file to the uSD card via cloud and reset w/boot to new image. That is a basic function of managing remote IT equipment that I’d like B4 the QR reader fn

I wouldn’t care if I had to still climb the ladder to show the camera the QR code but would rather not.
The problem is, I have to take it down and remove it from a case to press the reset button. We should be able to reset or initiate a Wifi change from the app.


I would just like the ability to change WIfi in device settings with QR code as a backup. Almost all of my other IOT devices allow for this option. QR Code is fine for the easy to reach but IMO creates extra work for hard to reach. I rolled out a dedicated Wifi VLAN for Wyze devices and I probably could have rolled out this change to all of my cameras in less than 1/4 of the time had this option been available.


I agree, we need a secure remote management capability. Changing the network, reboot the cam, etc.

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This has been on the #wishlist since May 2019 with 177 votes but status is “maybe-later” :unamused:

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That’s not bad compared to the PC app wishlist item. :slightly_smiling_face:

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