Change WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password without device reset

I am in the same boat and need to update my password for wifi. That said, how do the rules behave after the camera is deleted and re added ? Do we have to redo all the rules? Assuming re-adding the same camera to the app requires deletion of old instance ? (Automation rules) - do they key against the camera name?

From what I remember, if you give the camera the same name then the settings related to that name are still there.


Yes, in fact it should recognize the camera by MAC address and link it to your profile just as it was before.

IMPORTANT: Do not delete the camera in the app before you start the new setup procedure.


Angus is correct I just tried it - settings are retained even if you delete the camera as long as you give it the same name when you re-add it


Good to know. I think that’s a change from the past. In any case, the safest thing to do is not delete the camera before re-setup.


the whole point of having an APP is to be able to CONTROL the devices that are connected to the app. I have bulbs that are installed in the ceiling with no easy way to turn them on/off. I want to be able to change the WIFI password without doing the 3 switch on/off game. please update the app to allow us to connect without having to reset the bulbs. I just want to open the app, select the bulb and punch in a new password.

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Just a suggestion/recommendation for future advancement to maybe allow the Wi-Fi updates to be able to occur using the app and maybe providing the QR code as a separate card within the box so as to avoid doing all these additional steps when a Wi-Fi is changed. Many households do update routers and there are multiple Wi-Fi options in homes now. Maybe just adding the setup button to the app in addition to on the physical camera to allow for updating Wi-Fi rather than going through uninstalling the camera and going through the initial process. Will save a lot of time and headache.

At this time there isn’t a way to switch the WiFi information in the app alone. We have a Wishlist section of our forums where you can submit feature requests like this directly to our product team.

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I have some Shelly devices. If you haven’t seen them you should look them up. However a cool feature of them is they have in their settings a primary and secondary network.

so say you just wanted to change the name of your network. you could go into your devices and add the new name as the secondary. Then you could change the name on your router. Everything would stay connected. Then you could set that to your primary. Or even just leave it as the secondary.

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I cannot change my wifi ssid and password every period of time because i have 10 cam v2 7 of them i need ladder to get to physically change it. It would be nice being able to change all devices wifi i the app.

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Yeah, that would definitely be nice. I take cams when I go out of town/on vacation, to hotels/my vacation houses. It would be nice to be able to switch wifi, for an individual camera, without having to delete it/completely reconfigure it.

It is nice, that my home cams, still work, and theres an ability to add cameras, to different wifi accounts, but having to re-configure them, is a little annoying/with it being such an easy fix, no need not to add the ability to change wifi connection, without reconfiguring the whole camera.


Not really optimal unless that list can allow individual control of whether of not the device tries to hop to another SSID and if all active under what circumstances a switch takes place. It is more complicated than meets the casual glance. However, the requirement of rebuilding from scratch to change networks is thoughtless and cumbersome. RING does this much better.To be activated/deactivated. Some of us operate in multiple SSID environments and if cam or other hops from pla SziD to SSID and has to rebuild route tables it opens up gaps in recording. Needs thought and tuning capabilit

Sounds like you need make friends where all your properties are. Because when your tenant (and internet) leave then you lose any manner of “remotely” changing anything. Obviously cost is a factor otherwise you could have a rooted smartphone that you could leave at the properties and remote into which could also be used as the access point once it’s reconnected to the new WIFI. Also, there is a method of setting your smartphone’s SSID as the current SSID in order to gain the control of the cameras again, a really cool idea I picked up when finding help on regaining firestick control. Odd, how so many things can connect in this new world of WIFI connections. Bluetooth and WIFI separation seems to blur further.

On a segway’, I rent my van on a peer to peer system and I would love to have a rooted smartphone that could constantly connect to public WIFIs that it comes encountered to and feed me location and other vital information to me. I know some androids including my Pixel XL are supposed to have this feature, but it really doesn’t work that well. I seemingly have to initiate something on my for it to connect to something is ominous as McD’s so another failure on Googles part. Otherwise, such a system would be great to keep track of anyone’s vehicle with or without renting it out.

No reason to sign your post. It’s automatically posted with your screen name. Just saying ; p

Are you talking about the camera or the router?

The camera runs a Linux-based firmware, so it can support joining a list of SSIDs through wpa_supplicant or similar rather than being locked to a single SSID. If it went through the list in order each time you could have a primary SSID and one or more “backup” SSIDs it could try if the first is unavailable.

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Hey Loki, thank you for using workaround. I think the wyze forum should have a #workaround global link for these posts to filter through all the posts were people are just coming in to add their 2 cents and NO help for the community. I just added my helpful insight as well. But, my issue was I lost wifi in the area for a few days SSID and password are still the same but now all 6 cameras refuse to connect… Craptastic…

Isn’t there something like LoJack so parents can keep track of their kid’s driving habits? Max speeds, locations visited, etc. Saw it on a car (Ford?) commercial once and figure there should be a retrofit version available somewhere? Maybe not cost effective?

Good point for normal rentals. A few people I know include internet in the apartment rent to compete with nearby dorms/townhouses with lots of amenities, etc.

Very interesting problem though!

Yes, there is but I’m cheap and I’m always looking for the cheapest way to get anything done and the money made from this P2P co would not allow a profit margin. But, a rooted smartphone hidden and charging some where in the car could monitor such things. Only problem I’m running into is that android’s auto login to public wifi doesn’t work well enough.

Is the problem just with public wifi that has a landing page or any public wifi?

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It’s odd, if I happen to be around McD’s per se and I venture into my WIFI settings it’ll tell me it’s setting up automatic free public connection or something to that effect. But, it only seems to do once I’m looking for it. So I’m not sure if it’s already been triggered and connected or I’m being visited by the process notification that already has been done OR as previous assumed it’s not fully triggered til I start looking. It’s all very wonky and I’m not sure why either would be setup by a android/wifi programmer. I did buy a cheap Moto droid that I have on the table of shame that needs to be tinkered together as my car trip logger it should be able to log GPS and the such even if it doesn’t give me realtime stats nor more passive uploads when near a public hotspot.

Other project would be to have said 'droid connected to a bluetooth lock that would allow entrance to the vehicle remotely. It currently just has a generic real estate key box hanging off the car. Not to sly for a tech lover. But, its on the list.

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