Change SSID?

If I have 30 bulbs and/or cameras and I changed my SSID, how do I update them all? Connecting one bulb is a pain by itself, I cannot imagine doing this step 30 times for 30 devices.

I thought there was a software update that does this? I cannot find it,


Sorry to have to tell you, but you have to set them up again one by one. :cry:

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Yes, that was a painful day. Seeing the timeout timer drop to zero on several devices invokes rage.

I’m looking at the same situation. Have a mesh router currently broadcasting 2.4&5.0 as separate SSID. Keep getting ‘suggestions’ from it to combine into 1 SSID to improve performance.
Any suggestions??

Technically, this will not improve Wyze performance because Wyze only connects to 2.4Ghz. This could see improvement on your overall network though, because it keeps things simpler.

As to a suggestion on changing SSID, like the previous poster mentioned, looks like we are currently out of luck. Have fun hearing “Wyze Cam is ready to connect”, Wyze bulb asking you to ad-hoc to it, and entering SSID and password for each device over and over again. (I had to change my SSID because I added a device (switchbot) that cannot “see” the SSID I have set due to a semicolon.)

I’m sorry you had to go through that. Glad I haven’t had to yet.

I should have mentioned before: there’s a #wishlist topic on this: Change WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password without device reset

Won’t help you retroactively, but you may want to hop over there and vote for it. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

Every internet connected device in my home has this same problem. And some can’t handle Unicode characters. Some day, that is going to bite me because the SSID at my home is Iompróidh and if I ever get a device that won’t connect to that name I’m going to end up having to reset 50-some devices.

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Ouch! I thought I was was pushing with about 38 devices.

Thanks. Will do.

My spouse is disabled, so I have converted every light, fan, and anything else that plugs in to work by voice control.


I’m sorry to hear that. It’s good that you have the skills and interests to do things that make day -to -day easier.

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