Change setup button on PanCam

I’m a man with man hands, and I can’t Palm a basketball, so they aren’t that big. But trying to press and hold the setup button while trying to upgrade to firmware to support RTSP is next to impossible. It’s position and it’s mechanism are poorly placed and designed. If for any reason the camera swivels while trying to hold it down, you’re screwed. Plus the shape [mod edit] makes using anything like a paperclip or pen slip right off. I feel like I’m playing the game Concentration and killing the patient

I agree-I’ve had my problems with that! I find it easier to turn the cam upside-down and brace it with knees or some type of clamp, then use a small flat-head screwdriver to press the setup while inserting cord. Then the base is free to swivel. Still fun!

I’m gonna put this under probably-not since we license the hardware and have limited control over it. But I’ll make sure the team gets this feedback and will change the tag if the situation changes. :slight_smile: