Change Position of "This is the End" & USB detection for Pan

On the Wyze Cam Pan,I am wishing that the part when it reaches full 360 that when it says “This Is The End” will be a smaller text on the top because when it blocks the full view when controlling the Wyze pan camera, then it is quite annoying. Another feature that would be cool for this tho is to add in a software that has USB detection, so if there is a USB daisy chain on the back of it then it will stop at the end of both 360 circling,BUT when it doesn’t detect any USB inside then we are able to just move the Wyze pan in full 360,

  1. In what app version and in what mode do you see “This is the end”?

  2. You say with a USB daisy chain plugged in, you would want the cam to stop at both ends of the 360. But it does that anyway. It can never go past point where the micro USB plugs in , in either direction.

The app version that says “This is The End” is on app version is 2.11.41 (APPLE).When I included about the daisy chain this is the feature I wanted for that is that;; Usb Plugged in = Stops at Both Ends of 360 BUT if Usb Not Plugged in or Detected = Continous rotation in 360 & doesn’t display “This Is The End” on the screen.

Can you give me the conditions that produce the “This is the End”? I’m not able to replicate it.

Continuous rotation past the stop at the end of the 360 (the point where the micro USB plugs in) will never be possible due to the internal design of the camera. The camera rotates from the point the micro USB plugs in 359 degrees around to the same point on the other end, but will never be able to rotate past that point.

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The way the inerds are made, it can’t do continuous rotation because wires inside will get spun and snap.

Edit/ on Android I was only able to get this message when trying to pan beyond the end. Android 10, app 2.11.40, pan rtsp firmware.

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Mine on the Iphone SE 1st Generation,it shows the “You Have Reached The End” notification at the center on the view of my wyze pan cam…Okay now I understand that the internals cannot be able to be rotated fully so it had to stop at 359° // I guess the only thing I would say is that for the Wyze app for Apple products should show the notification in a smaller type of text and not covering the entire live image.

I understand this happens when you reach the horizontal stop when manually panning the camera in live view, correct? What firmware is running on this camera?

The firmware on the camera if I can get the numbers correctly it is

@Loki, I can’t replicate this now, probably because I just recently updated all my FW, but I do remember this being the message whenever you reached the of either horizontal or vertical movement path.

That explains it. I believe this message only existed with older firmware. The current Pan firmware is I think when you update the firmware the problem will go away.

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Do you know when the Wyze Pan update will come to iphone anytimes soon? If it supposd to beon iphone like right now can you please send directly to my account to update my Wyze Pan software?

Hum … I’m on android and my up to date current firmware is

When is the new firmware suppose to be released ?

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Sorry for my delay. And sorry I misspoke. Current Pan firmware is Version 4.10.6.x is currently still in beta.

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