Change name of "owner"

How can I change the owner of a wyze cam? I have one that is a couple of years old and I’ve added cam plus to it. We got a second camera for outdoors and my husband registered it,… therefore, it’s in his name. He doesn’t like to mess with the settings, and I can’t because I didn’t it’s not in my name. I’d like to put it under my name and add cam plus to it. Is there a simple way to do that?

Reinstall the camera onto your account is the only way. Then when it’s added to your account, you can control the camplus Services in it.

Me and my wife share one account so I can tinker and add and adjust cameras and I don’t have to remember each time I add something and forget to share it with her.


Or just use his account for the two of you.

Note that if this is an Outdoor Camera/Base, he will need to release it before you can add it.

How does one release a camera?


Is this an Wyze cam outdoor (wco)? Or a different version? I believe it’s just delete the camera and base from his account if it is a WCO then it can be added to another.


Yes and thank you.