Change Default colors for Wyze bulbs activated by motion?

I’m using a motion sensor to turn on Wyze bulbs when I walk into my office. For some reason, they are really blue and I can’t figure out a way to change this color. I’m sure I was playing with the color when I first installed them and set up the motion sensor to turn them on, but I don’t want blue light anymore and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change it. I have 3 scenes set up in the iOS app, but changing the scenes doesn’t seem to affect the colors when it’s triggered by my motion sensor. Any ideas?

Scenes are different than rules. Scenees are manual pre set settings that you create to go to easyly by the manual click of a button. Have you tried going into the trigger rule for the motion sensor, deleting only the action and re-adding the action with the correct settings that you want ? Or just delete the old rule and remake a new one. Doesn’t look like it can be edited.

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So I didn’t see this anywhere but there is a lot here so if I missed it sorry. Also this person’s pic works good for my issue.

I would like a way to set a rule for motion to only turn on and off a bulb without setting the light color or brightness. I just wanted to default to what it was the last time it was on.