Carbon Offset $0.76 actually $6.75!

I thought this was weird enough to comment on. Hopefully, they will fix.

So, ordering a couple cameras and sdcard I noticed the Carbon Offset for $0.76. I decided to be a dork and please the wife and added it. Go to finish and shipping was $11.98. I thought it was supposed to be half that so I spent a while searching to see it they had changed policy, and tried removing items etc. Finally, discovered it was the Carbon Offset (which of course isn’t even shipped).

tldr; Carbon Offset costs $6.75 incl shipping

The Carbon is still out here floating around, you just paid for someone else to take the credit for “Doing their part” in saving the world. :rofl: Carbon Offset comes from the same dictionary as “For the children” , “For the Oppressed”, “For the under represented”, “For the disadvantaged”, “For the financially disadvantaged” and for the for the… I guess they couldn’t find an electric aircraft or electric truck to deliver your cams. :upside_down_face:


The carbon offset they charged you is “means” based. The more you make the more you pay. Or the carbon in your area is very heavy and the cost shipping it to a storage location is therefore much more.

That’s not what it is. Wyze had the option to add 76¢ at checkout. They then charged bogus shipping.

The guys were joking with you. If they are changing shipping based on intangible items or downloads, I agree it’s just wrong.


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Wyze is looking into this, most likely a bug.