#CapturedOnWyzeCam Contest [May/2018] - WHAT AN ANIMAL!

Caught on WyzeCam - Not a furry beast but…



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Geez, what were you shipping? A package of lead?

Close… I ordered a dumbell set and they sent me one 150lb dumbbell. The description and picture where of the set and the item number was the single dumbell. They took the return without issue and fixed their website.

Who uses a 150lb dumbbell anyway?

Certainly NOT me!

“Ohh. F*** you.” Poor guy was caught off guard by the weight.


Hah, you’re supposed to mark the heavy ones with a special sticker. I did one that surprised my mailman. It was very small, but contained several full sets of differential gears. USPS has a flat-rate box, I shipped 60 pounds for about $15.


Awesome. Dude is just trying to do his job and all of a sudden he’s trying to pick up Mjölnir. Good on him.

Looks like he’s been working out!