#CapturedOnWyzeCam Contest March 2018 - chick hatch

So My daughter got an egg incubator for her birthday to incubate and hatch some eggs from our chickens. We were told we’d have about a 50% success rate. well 5 out of 6 hatched. here’s #2 hatching. What so interesting is to see #1 helping #2 out, and then when the magic happens, something totally comical. #2 has no idea how to use it’s legs… so at at one point you see it on it’s back, feet up in the air, thinking “what the heck are these things and how do I use them?” #1 thinks they must be a worm or bug so she pecks at them. All so cute and funny.

here it is from youtube:

Bradfords-chick-2-at-6x-speed-trimmed.mp3 (6.07 MB)

Paul, I’d love to watch this, but am unable to do so (on my iPad at least). Timeline counter moves for the entire 4 minutes, but no video. Are you sure the .mp3 file extension is what you want?

Appears to be an audio file. I downloaded and saved as .mp4 and I could hear it all. Just no visuals.

I think I finally have the video how I want it. :slight_smile: sorry.

I was able to watch the chick flic with out problems on my PC.


This is so cool!!

Very nice I had to try twice to get to the video