Captured on camera

BOLO. My cam captured a ragtag group of thieves caseing my house for some “scratch”. It appears the group consists of 3 adult crested cayugas, 4 juvenile crested cayugas, 3 pekins, and, 1 crested blue Swedish*. It appears the ringleader is the pekin across the street.

  • Blue Swedish dux come in 3 different colors… blue or yellow or black (each w/ a white bib). That one is a black version.

At least it wasn’t a gang of those flying Canadian Rats that fertilize everything. :astonished:

BTW, the “crest” of the crested ducks, which may be somewhat hard to see in the video, is the ball-like feathers on the top of the head. It is caused by an incompletely dominant mutation gene, which causes a gap in the skull, from which a mass of fatty tissue emerges… and feathers grow from this.

Some say that the ball resembles an “afro”, which was a popular hairstyle in the 70’s.

Wow, didn’t see that coming. :slight_smile:

Adorable waddles, all…

My wife checks each day and watches the coons, armadillos, cats etc that she attracts using bread, fruit and even grape jelly. To me the most entertaining thing that happens with them is when an armadillo stops digging for grubs and chases the coons out of the yard. If a coon comes back after the bread etc, the armadillo chases it off again. Curious because the armadillo isn’t even interested in the food the coons come after.