Can't view motion detection events, only see placeholder image

Brand new v3 camera with a brand new Sandisk A1 32GB microsd card in it.

I get motion events, but when I tap them, all I see is this placeholder image:

That blurry image of a white couch isn’t mine. Every single motion detection event just shows this same nothing image.

If I put the microSD card into my computer, I can see the images just fine.

We are both on the same wifi network, no 5ghz business here.

Does your V3 have cam plus or cam plus lite? Do to have the camera settings set to record to the MicroSD card? settings>advanced settings>record to MicroSDcard either event or continuous recording? If you have it set to record to the SD card tap playback and view the video. On the events page of the app make sure you are on the correct date.


What you are seeing is a thumbnail placeholder image for the Cloud Event recorded. NOT the uSD recording. The basic plan without one of the CamPlus subscription teirs only gets Event Thumbnails.

To see the uSD footage, click the disk image Playback button at the bottom (edit… @Antonius showed you that…faster on the reply) or go to the Live View of the cam from the home tab and click View Playback


@moeburn - For a brand new V3, added in the account, could you check if the following is turned ON

Device Settings/Event Recording/Detects motion - Turn detects motion ON to record motion events.

On a brand new V3 cam you should also get 14 day Cam Plus free trial.