Can't turn off or restart Cam Pan, shows offline until clicking icon, after most recent update

Since recent update my cam pan constantly shows offline, but once I click on the “offline” stream it does show live footage. Can’t restart “operation failed”, and can’t turn off “operation failed” from the app. Unplugged and plugged back in and no change. Can’t figure out how to report a ticket on the app, just tells me to call…
ETA: Also tried restarting phone, no change.
ETA 2: Also cleared cache on the wyze app, no change.

Under device info in the app do you have three bars indicating Wi-Fi strength? Have you rebooted the wi-fi?

I got the same problem after updating the cam.
but I have two cams, one is fine, othter one it happens exactly same situation as above mention.
I can’t restart it that showed “failed”.
I wish there is any solution to fix the problem.

I get same thing once in awhile even before the update. My pancam records sound mostly. Doesn’t even get me standing in front of it and it getting frustrating. I’m a plus member but it asked me to subscribe wth, so I just did annually and since have license for this month its asking me pretty much to add camera again and takes me to shop. I am so not taking my camera down again to rescan. Wyze needs to fix this