Can't turn cam on

Just bought my pan camera. I have only one. I set it up yesterday to test it, everything seemed fine. Today, I went to set it up in our puppy-whelping house to monitor the litter, and the camera will not turn on. When I tap the button that says “the device is turned off” I get a message at the bottom of the screen that says “Operation Failed” and under that “Camera Not Connected”.

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I just plugged the camera in and was able to turn on the camera. Do these cameras need to stay plugged in? No battery?

Also, whenever there is any movement, the image gets wildly pixelated to the point of being useless. What am I doing wrong?

Wyze Cam Pan and Cam v2 are both USB-powered, no battery, so they will need to be plugged in all the time. The upcoming outdoor camera is supposed to be USB or battery-powered, but it’s currently in testing and not available yet.

The cameras use high-compression encoding that results in smaller file sizes for video with very little motion, but if a large portion of the video contains motion the video quality will be reduced until the motion settles down. It’s a trade-off that works well for security cameras because there’s typically very little motion, but if you’re trying to watch constantly-moving puppies at close range it can’t keep up.


When I was testing this in the house, anytime anybody would walk into the room, the entire image gets pixelated. Are you saying this is normal for the camera? I wouldn’t begin to be able to identify anybody that moved across with the image distortion as severe as it is. It’s hard to believe this is normal for the camera, and folks keep buying them.

I was planning to get another one and try it, to see if there’s something wrong with it, but I won’t bother if this is simply the normal behavior of the camera.

It’s hard to say if what you’re seeing is normal or not without actually seeing it. I don’t own a Cam Pan so I can’t directly compare with my v2s, but if you have motion tracking turned on and the camera moves to one side that may cause “motion” over the whole picture. You could disable motion tracking to see if that helps.
If motion tracking is not enabled, then if you could post a video example we can see if it looks like a “normal” amount of pixelation. That might be the quickest way to tell if the camera has a problem.

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Motion tracking is off. I can’t see how to share an image. But I get no sound either way. Sound is enabled, but I cannot hear anything in the room with the camera, nor can anyone in that room hear me, even when the camera is located in the same room as my router. This is pretty frustrating, when most of the reviews said how easy this was to get up and running, and how reliable it is.

I have a litter of puppies about to be born, so I need to move the current week-old litter into the puppy house next to our home, but I have to be able to see and hear them. I am close to running out to Best Buy to buy a Ring camera and just pony up the extra dough.

It sounds like there may be a couple issues, but not necessarily related. If you need something urgently you could also check your local Home Depot to see if they have a Wyze Cam v2 since that would be an easy way to compare.

I have found the v2s to be very easy to set up and fairly reliable, but they’re not all trouble-free. In my experience the mic and speaker on the v2s isn’t great at picking up quiet noises, just very direct, loud speech.

You may find that Ring cameras have similar limitations, but since I have no firsthand experience with them I’ll defer to anyone else who has used them. Ultimately you’ll have to be the judge of what works or won’t work for you, but I’m happy to offer any help I can.

I appreciate your help.

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I hope you’ll post a puppy image! We love puppies! :slight_smile:

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