Can't see live camera view on another property

I have a bunch of cameras at my house and then I have about four at my mother’s house so that I can keep an eye on her and just check to make sure she’s okay. She can look through my cameras at my house live view no problem. But when I try to look through hers I can’t look through them unless I reset them and then it allows me to look through them live for at least a few minutes… does anyone know what could cause this?;it’s been like this for at least 6 months. Thanks

I have a similar issue with my cameras at a remote location. My problem is a slow internet connection. At the remote location I have 10Mbs down and 1Mbs up, so cameras have to compete for that measly 1Mbs bandwidth to upload footage so I can view it at home. When I am at the remote location I have no issue viewing my home cameras as my upload speed at home is 50Mbs.

What is the upload speed at your mother’s place?

If you are still using DSL.
If you have no access to cable/fiber.
You should try trash mobile home Internet.