Can't open ticket on support site

Why can’t I open a ticket on the support site?

My message for the ticket: Just like my smart August lock, whenever I restart my modem the lock base automatically reconnects toe the wifi after 30 seconds, but the wyze cams just stay offline most of the time and only come back online after restarting them. PLEASE wyze update the software so it knows when its offline and puts the camera in a state to reboot or reconnect itself automatically to the wifi, it really is a huge pain every time I have to restart my modem and the cameras go offline.

The updated app is there as of Sunday, we currently have 56 cams now at 12 sites,and at 0100 hrs our router gets re booted and all of our cameras are just fine.

There should be a chat icon in the lower right corner. Clicking that should start the process. Are you experiencing issues what this?

I haven’t had this specific issue. The longest I’ve ever had to wait was 1 minute. Occasionally I’ll have to power cycle a camera, light or plug, but not everything. Is there any settings on your router that may be causing this issue?