Can't get into wyze cameras since outage remotely

I have given up with Wyze as it’s evident they won’t invest time in creating firmware to resolve this issue as they keep saying your camera isn’t under warranty. I will never deal with them as I have escalated to management a number of times and I get a Wyze Wizard??? I have moved onto TP link cameras the Tapo C100 and so far so good.

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I like their cams. I have been lucky.

Went with another vendor for smart bulbs after finding mine cannot be added back to new app on new phone.

I previously removed them because they needed to be resynced. Oh well. At least it was a cheap experience with only two bulbs. :bulb: :bulb:

Another cheap company flop. So much for their CEO promises. Stick with reputable brands. After years of being with them, since early adopter days, have to acknowledge the betrayal and move on…

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Good morning! I am experiencing the same issues (2 outdoor cams, and 2 pan web cams) and the live streaming access will not work outside of the wifi network. I am wondering if this issue was resolved.