Can't find person/pet/package detection in latest beta app


Can’t find this stuff anywhere and I’ve been a Cam Plus subscriber since the beginning, I think. It’s not under cam plus, not under notifications. I don’t see the sliders anywhere. This is on Android 10. Oddly enough, my older devices on other operating systems still have access to person/pet/pkg detection options but not the newest device.

Anybody else have this issue? When I go to cam plus, all it allows me to do is select a camera and apply cam plus license to it. That’s it. So where did these options go? Why can’t I find them?



  1. After making sure cam plus is on the cam…
  2. Go to the Home screen and select the device there.
  3. Select settings for that cam
  4. Select Event recording
  5. Select Cam Plus AI Detection

It’s right there now with all the options.


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