Can't Enroll One Camera


I have 5 Cam Pan cameras. The model number on all of them is WYZECP1

I also have 6 regular cams.

When I go to enroll the cameras in Cam Plus Lite one of the Pan Cams will not enroll. The little on off slider slides but does not stay in the enrolled position. I turned all of them off and tried just enrolling the one camera but that don’t get it either.

I did update the firmware and rebooted the camera.

Any thoughts?

Do you have the Home Monitoring Service?

No, just the Cam Plus Lite.

Sorry, not sure then. I know HMS reserves 1 free licence for 1 cam that won’t go on your web login account, only the app. Thought that might be a possibility. Swing and a miss for me. I have CamPlus, so I haven’t looked at the lite side. I am sure someone here will have something useful though. Good luck