Can't add a second shortcut

Just set my Tilt and pan cam and added ne shortcut for when I’m away, but when I tried to add a shortcut to turn the motion detection and notifications off when I retur I keep getting “Failed”

Hey Steveho,

Was the shortcut triggered by a shortcut button?


My issue was that I was not able to set up a second shortcut. On
a hunch I installed the app on my tablet (my phone is a Samsung
S7) and I was able to set the second shortcut up from there, Seems
there may be some compatibility issues between the app and this
particular phone, I only tried this because I just had an issue
setting up Google Home using my phone and resolved it as well by
using my tablet (which for what it is worth, installing the app
indicated it wasn’t optimized for my device, Asus Z10) Like the
Google issue, after I was able to set things up on my tablet, the
shortcuts and set ups all populated in the phone apps as well.

Thanks for the quick response, I seem to be up and running