Cannot Start Android app at Log in 2.48

What is wrong with Wgze App ?
GOT a new Android 13 device, downloaded Wyze 2.48 app through playstore.

START Wyze, got Wyze Let start page.

Now Log in page.

after enter the proper credentials.

Click and there was no respond.

How do you ACTUALLY start Wyze app ?

I do not use Chrome nor installed Chrome.

I found the 3 dots and transferred to Firefox. ( There is no alert nor smartness with the log in page.

Wyze rely on Google Taqmanager to identify user.
After log in… there is the 2fa page.

If you goto main page to your Authenticator App and got your code. Go back to Your code entry page. Wow, you need to start all over again.


To get through 2fa, user needs Two devices. One to stay on code entry page, the other is to get code.

  • 2FA code is refreshed by the Authenticator app every 30 seconds, but the code doesn’t expire for minutes.

  • If you’re using the Google Authenticator app, start Authenticator 1st, long-press on the code (that copies the code), start Wyze app, long-press on the 2FA code entry field and paste the code in.

  • Your phone/tablet also has multitasking ability. You can run multiple apps simultaneously and switch apps at the Android level via the task switch icon or button without losing place in either app. There is no need for 2 devices.