Cannot set up base station with app: error code 2009

I have not been able to set up my new-out-of-the-box base station (with 3 outdoor v2 cams) using the Wyze app. I’ve had a phone call with Wyze, an email from Wyze Wizard but no luck. They are now maybe offering me a gift certificate but I’d rather figure out why base station is not visible to the app -which continually tells me: Failed to update device list (error code 2009).

I’ve tried set up with a Samsung S21 and an iPhone, have uninstalled and reinstalled the newest version of the Wyze app numerous time, no VPN is on, the router is dual band 2.4/5 TP-Link but I was told using the ethernet cable to the router it should work fine as long as my cell phone is on the 2.4 wifi channel. We also have a TP Link extender that’s dual band channel and have tried setting up the base station via ethernet to it but same error. So my cell phone is on the 2.4 wifi channel and can get a solid blue light on the base station when connected to router or extender but when + add device> cameras>Wyze base station> it never registers/shows up in the app. The QR code scan for the base station does not work and scans continually until app freezes. I have gotten to the base station register MAC address option but it will only load about 50% on the app and fails to find the base station. I’ve done a soft reset and a hard reset both of the base station.

Is the base station a dud? Is something going on that tech missed? Am I doing something wrong?? I’ve spent more than 8 hours working on this, reading the forums and internet for advice. If you can help that would be great.