Cannot see account info. on my iPad

I can see my WYZE camera working well on my iPad, but I cannot find the account app there and am unable to read the various help topics, such as trouble shooting, how to set up, etc. etc.

But I can get all these info. on my iPhone.

Is the wyxe account info, help, trouble shooting, etc ONLY available on an smartphone and not on a tablet?

Can you grab a screenshot and post it of what you are seeing?

Sorry, unable to grab screenshot.

Can’t grab a screenshot because you don’t know how, or because you are not willing?

To grab a screenshot on the iPad, press the power and home button at the same time. Then use the share button to move it where you can post to the forum.

I can see the Account tab just fine on my iPad at the bottom right of the Home screen. Make sure you’re on the home screen and that the iPad is in Portrait orientation. If this doesn’t fix it, I’d suggest force quitting the app and try again.

Problem solved. Thanks.

Thanks and Regards,

Gerald Yu

Hello @gerryyu3, I’ve removed your email address from the post for safety and security reasons.

@gerryyu3, Could you share how you solved this so it might help others with the same problem?

Also BTW, when you reply by email, be sure to edit off your signature before hitting send so it doesn’t get posted on the forum. I’m guessing that was why your email was posted earlier.

powered off the app. and restarted it afresh.

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