Cannot get Wyzecam RTSP to show in DisplayCameras software

I’ve successfully flashed the RTSP software into my cameras and they work flawlessly in VLC but I have 4 Ubiquity cameras connected to DisplayCameras (Raspberry Pi 3B+)and want to add the Wyzecams to the display. I cannot get the Wyzecams to show up in DisplayCameras or omxplayer. I am using the format:
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
Thanks very much

What cam and what RTSP firmware did you use? I checked a v2 of mine with and the only difference I see from your link is the “/live” at the end. This is what it generated:


Wyzecam V2, RSTP and I forgot the /live in my post, but I have it on the RPI file. As I said, the address works great with VLC but not DisplayCameras.