Cannot get consistent functionality, am the only one?

I can understand when the power cuts out, when it comes back on my cameras automatically come back on and start sending me notifications. But I can barely get two days of proper functionality out of these things. There seem to be some redundancies in add/edit rules vs. camera specific settings which may be causing this conflict. Please tell me I’m not the only one that is encountering this. Actually I’d prefer I was, because there would likely be a fix.

I wonder if the fact that I have a setting set for midnight to 6 am has anything to do with it. I want my cameras to record and send me notifications all night long, but since you can only stay within the confines of one single day, I had to create 3 rules (camera on, notifications on, motion detect on) both from 10 to 12 and from 12 to 6 for each day. Wondering if that is screwing something up.

Today it stayed on past the point of when we return home and kept giving us detection warnings. I have it set to shut off around 10 minutes before we arrive.

Also found out I need to turn motion detect on 3 min after the cameras turn on, they need to be on for a bit or motion detect will fail.

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Like, I’m seeing a lot more red than grey here, not sure what I’m doing wrong. Perhaps there is a good operation practices document?

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