Cannot Buy Cam Plus on Website

I cannot purchase an annual subscription through the website. I have two cameras and the website will not let me change to 1 to a 2, nor can I check the agreement. I have tried different browsers. If I go through the app/apple store the price is higher.

@sem6x3ag, Welcome to the community!

When I go to the web page Account – Wyze and login, then click the 3 stack menu, Account, My Account, My Services, CamPlus, Edit… It takes me to the screen like this. I then click the plus next to the number to increase it (in my case 12). When you process that, it will add the license and prorate the price so that the new license matches the expiration of the existing one. Once the license is purchased, you should be able to go into your account\services in the app and apply the new license to the cam. I would not recommend purchasing anywhere but the web page account login as it applies your current existing licence price rather than the new higher price

Hope this helps!

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Thanks much. It appears you have to do this on a Web Brower on your phone. You cannot do it using Chrome or Edge on a Windows 11 machine.

Ah yes… There have been rumblings on the forum about the web site not being browser friendly on certain devices. I only use chrome on Android so that’s all I can speak to. Hope you are successful though.