Cancel Subscription Disaster

My WYZE trial ended. I had paid $19.99 for WYZE Cam license but due to losing my wallet, I was issued a new debit card and license was not processed. Meanwhile I received an email from WYZE offering a license for $14.99 annually. I was informed in order to get my $19.99 credited to my bank account I would have to contact Google for refund. I searched for Google on Internet and wound up clicking on an ad for “Just Answer” and entered my debit card information. I am 82, give me a break. I thought I was talking to Google. It took me almost a week and a gazillion hours to get this issue resolved. I am not alone so BEWARE…

I searched for JustAnswer complaints on Internet.
I emailed and within a day they were able to have $94.00 refunded to me.

How frustrating that another company (JustAnswer) seems to have misled you into that. I am glad to hear that you were able to get money refunded back to you in this case. Thanks for sharing and recommending that others be careful and be sure they are actually talking to correct company so that others don’t go through something similar.