Can you track through Cam+ or other tool when camera was offline or not communicating?

Just signed up for Cam+ and on the third day (yesterday in the middle of the night) I received a notice through the app that camera was unable to upload video and to check network at camera location … which is usually quite challenging because the nighttime caregivers really don’t like people sneaking into my mom’s dementia unit to muck with the centrally managed networking gear. It upsets the other residents, apparently. When reviewing events this morning, I see an event at 1:56am which tells me video failed to upload. My non-Cam+ camera, however, did capture the scene.

Hang on, I’m getting there. My question is: can I find out through Cam+ or any other tool when network connections were lost and camera was not communicating? It really matters because there was a chunk of time with no activity and I don’t want to go high order on staff if they indeed do their jobs.

So … why don’t I just look through my microsd feed? Because it is DARN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to find anything in those streams because … well you know. I’m looking for activity that could be 2 minutes long. That’s another forum post but if Wyze doesn’t make it easier to look through card then I will have no choice but to defect.

Thanks, gang. Look at me, I’m getting back to my home technology and home automation reporting and cynicism after a couple of years. Woot.

If you know the time, you should be able to go to that point on the SD card. Are you recording everything or just events to the SD card? As to the rest of your post, I don’t know of anyway to check the historical status of the cameras. Failing to upload events seems to be a chronic problem. Doesn’t seem to be a loss of connections, just a failure to upload the video.

If you have access to that local network there is no reason you can’t add an additional device to monitor (ping, etc.) the Wyze camera. You won’t know for sure whether it’s reaching the Internet but you can at least determine if it’s responsive locally, and alert yourself accordingly. This can be a PC, Android device, old phone, etc.

I’d also suggest setting the camera to reboot itself daily or do the same via a smart plug.