Can you tell the weight of Wyze sense please


I would like to know the weight of the wyze sense kit, wyze contact sensor and wyze motion sensor please.
Can someone please tell me this info ? I need to know this becuase I will ship them from the US and needs to know the exact weight oglf each box.

Wyze hardware in original Wyze packaging…

Wyze Sense Starter kit: 2.4 oz (68 g).
Wyze Sense Single Motion Sensor: 1.05 oz (30 g).
Wyze Sense Contact Sensor Kit: 2.8 oz (80 g).
Wyze Cam v2: 7.65 oz (217 g)

Keep in mind that Wyze Sense contact and motion sensors will not work without at least one Wyze cam as the sensors need to communicate to a Wyze bridge which is plugged into the back of a cam.


Thanks a lot for the fast responce.
I already have a Wyze Cam and sensors.
Thanks for your concern

I just wonder what is this weight on wyze sense link at the end of the page.
Weight 8.78 oz (249g) ??
This is for which package ?

I’m not sure. It appears to be an error on the webpage. 8.78 oz (249g) is the weight of the Wyze Cam Pan alone (without USB power adapter and cable).

Yeah seems so.
I have an update to help others like you have did for me. I have managed to measure the weight of the Wyze SENSE CONTACT SENSOR KIT and it is 80gm.
Now I have all I need.
Thanks a lot.

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No problem Ahmed and thank you for the sensor kit weight. :+1: I’ll update my original reply with your additional help.

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