Can you set a home point

Is there an option to save a home point. The idea is after lets say 2 min of no motion detection it returns to a set home point?

The work around I found so far is to set a single location for scan and then after 10 sec of no movement it returns to that point. It is a little faster than I would like and I don’t think I can find a way to make it like 30 sec.

If you have a better way please let me know.

On my PanV1, when I turn the cam on it will return to the last position it was in when it went off. I have Scan Off and Motion Tracking on.

If I use the pan\tilt controls to manually point the cam at a specific spot, that becomes my new “home” location.

If the cam picks up motion and starts panning and tilting to track that motion, when the motion stops it will return to the previously set “Home” spot and field of view.

If I power cycle the cam, it returns to that “Home” point as well.


That is 100% the way it works. Great… Where is that documented?

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Besides in that post… :question:

That was just from experience.