Can you remove the gateways from the Wyze App home page?

Does anyone know if or how you can remove the gateways from the home page of the iPhone app? They don’t serve a purpose other than to connect my locks to wifi, so I don’t see any use for them being there and taking up space.


Welcome to the Wyze community @TimP!
You can’t “hide” or remove the Wyze lock gateway. You can click the pencil :pencil2: and “edit devices” then move the gateway(s) to the bottom of the app.


Also, group the suckers first, and then move that single group to the bottom as indicated.

Can gateways be grouped? Base stations cant,. I just moved them to the far bottom of my list.

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Sorry don’t really know. I assumed they could be. Never mind. :frowning:

Sadly no, gateways can’t be grouped, so I have three of those blasted things at the bottom of my list.

Just gonna have to add more Wyze dodads so that the gateways start to disappear off the bottom. :slight_smile:

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