Can you make a Wyze thermostat work with a Trane x19i 2-stage cool?

My house has a Trane X19i AC which is a 2-stage unit, has two separate compressors in it. I got a Wyze thermostat and it works, but not completely. It works with the fan, heat (gas) and stage 1 cooling, but not stage 2. The problem seems to be that when it requests stage 2, it only puts voltage over the Y2 wire. The Trane needs voltage on Y1 and Y2 for stage 2 cooling.

Is there any way to change the behaviour of the thermostat to make it work with this system?

Call your ac guy to install it so you don’t blow up any capacity

I’m pretty sure the AC guy will just replace the thermostat with a different one that properly signals on Y1 and Y2 for stage 2. I’m interested in seeing if I can keep the Wyze which would require getting it to do that.

I decided to try an Ecobee thermostat and it properly activates both Y1 and Y2 for stage 2 cooling so it works fine. I’ll probably end up just keeping that rather than trying to make the Wyze work.

You need to add 2 jumpers,and wyze is a [Mod Edit] stat Venstar is rated much better,we have it at all of our sites and both homes

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