Can you guys add something like this please? For peace of mind


What are you asking for? You want to put Jordan’s iPhone in the trash?


It’s out of warranty.

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@K6CCC No, I want to put yours in the trash.

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I’m not sure what functionality you’re asking for either. What does the list of phones/tablets represent in the current Wyze app?

I may be wrong, but I think what is being requested is a list of devices accessing the Wyze account. I know several apps that do this…Apple, Google, etc.


No more than @K6CCC does :rofl:

Nice mockup. Was a little confused by the ask at first, then laughed at the humor, then got it by @WildBill post.

I could see this being a nice function as well.
To shut down access to verified devices, if that is what you were going for.

Check the wishlist and see if there is something similar, if not id suggest submitting the idea👍🏼


They represent devices that have access and can view the wyze cams in that household.

So you want to unshare the camera access with Jordan?

There is a reason some apps do this - they remember device access with a token and sometimes continue to allow access long after any password has changed. This is typical with streaming devices and services.

But Wyze does not (to my knowledge) register known devices and let them bypass security. A user ID, password, and optional two factor authentication is always required. So the requested feature makes a bit less sense for Wyze at present. In short, just change your password. :wink:

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But I didn’t share with him in the first place, so unshare would be the wrong term.

What happens if, hypothetically speaking, a family member who shouldn’t be accessing the wyze cameras gained access to your phone while you’re in the shower to obtain the two factor authentication and deletes the text. Now they have access to your wyze cameras on their phone for monitoring without you ever knowing. And even if you changed the password after that, they’ll still have access to your wyze account unless they delete or reinstall the wyze app or haven’t used the app in awhile.

Maybe I need to ask this. Where are you seeing that display, and what is it supposed to be showing? I have never seen anything like that.

The two factor authentication won’t do them any good all by itself , they have to have the password first.
If you don’t thoroughly trust someone never give them your password

If they already got on the phone, they can just click ‘forgot password?’ and then go on their email and retrieve the verification code.

But that’s not true. If you change your password you have protected your account, period. Two factor is merely an unfortunate distraction. (It’s not one factor or the other - it’s both!) As soon as you change your password, all devices will (or should) need to reauthenticate.

You’re right on this, but still I think it’s much more convenient to have this feature that I’m asking for since it can be quite a tedious task if one has, let’s say 5-8 devices (or more) connected on their wyze account. They’d have to bounce back and forth between devices and reconnect every phone, tablet, echo show/nest hub, etc. Reentering the logins and authentication codes… But with this feature, you can always check which devices are connected on your account.