Can wyze cam V2 and cam pam remotely controlled

Hi, please tell me once wyze cam v2 and cam pam has been set up and running, can you control these cameras with the wyze app completely ( includes all the app settings ) , remotely when we’re traveling, thanks.

Not sure what you mean by “control”.

The V2 is a stationary cam. the Pan can be “moved” using the pan and tilt “buttons” on the UI

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@richard-2007, As long as the camera has wifi and internet signal, and you have an internet signal on your device, you have access to the settings, live view, playback, notifications etc. Is that what you were wondering or something else?


@Omgitstony is correct. Once the cam is on and running it only needs wifi to keep going. But to access from a remote location via the internet the wifi the cam is running on needs to have an internet connection. Once you make this connection you have full access just like you were in the same house thru the app.
I m manage 3 Cams at my inlaws house 200 miles away from the same app I use for my home cams.


thanks for your feedback, what I meant is : turn on/ off camera, adjust the camera settings in the app remotely ( from various locations ), please let me know thanks :pray: again.

thanks for your speedy feedback,greatly appreciated.

Yep and yep. :slight_smile:

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thanks, I meant turn on/off the camera, adjust the camera settings in the app remotely .