Can Wyze Cam 2 be configured to NOT record sound

Can the cams be configured to NOT record sound? I know we can turn off the sound, but can we record without it?

Here’s the situation: I have a 28 year old son living me who I’m trying to get out of my house because he’s not following any of my rules…one of them is that he can’t have overnight guests. But I caught him on the webcam sneaking her in late at night and seeing her leave early the next morning (and he lied about her being here until I showed him the video).

My son told me that I’m NOT allowed to record him and now he knows the webcam is there and if I have it set he turns it around. I checked with an attorney and the attorney said that if I am recording him, it falls within the wiretapping laws. I live in a one party State, meaning I can record him but don’t need his permission. BUT, if I am NOT part of the conversation, and he’s on the phone with someone else, then it’s considered illegal. The exception is if I can record only picture, with no sound.

Yes you can set your cam for not recording sound: Settings/Advanced settings/Record sound


That’s great! Thanks very much!!

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Push comes to shove, you can physically remove the mic quite easily (not restored easily). Search for removing the mic and you should find it.