Can we ditch with this message?

Like any other popup, I read it the first 2-3 times then it only becomes annoying each time after that.

I get bumped from the ‘grouped cameras’ page back to the ‘all cameras’ page regularly while on my desktop browser.

Yes, it is annoying after the 100th time…

I don’t use the web view regularly, but yes, this happens VERY regularly.

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I get the “Try Rules” message frequently on IOS but not Android. This is more of an observation than an annoyance . I normally ignore the “Try Rules” message or click “X” to exit.

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The “Try Rules” card in the App Toolbar Banner is part of the App Discovery feature. There used to be an App Discovery setting within the App Notifications settings that would allow you to set it to Never. Once that is set and all the cards are “x” out, they stopped altogether for me. But now, I don’t even see the App Discovery setting option in the Android production app.