Can the floodlight be set to turn on only with person detection but not motion detection?

We have a busy front entrance – people, leaves, wind, squirrils, vehicles. I want to set a zone area limited to above a fence, and have the floodlight turn on only when someone tries to climb over the fence.

Is it possible to have the floodlight turn on only when a 1) person is detected while only crossing into 2) the specific zone area? I don’t want the lights coming on with any other motion detection or any people outside of the zone.

Thank you for your help, somebody!

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Yes. You will need to have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite for the person detection. With either of those you can create a rule that turns the floodlight on if person detected by the camera for X time. It will look like this.

With your detection zone set, this should be what you need.


Excellent, thank you! Can this rule be set to work from the addon camera view only (not the built-in)?

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You are welcome.
Will work with any camera that has Cam Plus/Lite

Select your camera to trigger, then the flood light camera for the accessory rule. Of floodlight on for x time.