Can the alarm be turned on at a specific time each day?

In the really basic Oplink system we used to have, we could program the alarm to turn on everyday at 5p in case someone forgot to set it. Is that possible with the Wyze Alarm System?

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I check through the rules and HMS. At this time there does not appear to be a method / rule to schedule the security system to Arm in either Arm Home or Arm Away.

I believe that Wyze is working on adding HMS to the Rules Engine from other Topics in the Wyze Forums. It is a matter of time before it is released.


thanks for the info and sorry for the ignorance but what is hms

Sorry for the delay, this is Wyze Home Monitoring System. You mentioned Alarm, which indicated, to me, you were talking about the Home Monitoring System.

Were you talking about something else, like the Sirens in the Cameras?

Thanks I was I just didn’t figure out the acronym

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