Can tech support please call me?

One of my cameras will not hold in an sd card. I emailed tech support and it took several days to get a response, they said I could exchange and when I replied I get a bounce back email. I just would like to exchange this camera please. There used to be a number to call, what happened to that?

Hello @mclldavidson, if you send me the ticket number that was given to you; I can forward this directly to someone to help you out.


Have you tried using something like a pair of tweezers to insert the sd card. They have to go in farther than the white plastic and will click into place normally. I usually use something else like a pen tip or a key to push them in.

I use the flat head computer screwdrivers to insert mine.

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I have another couple that the SD card stays in just fine. This one goes though the motion and clicks like it is accepting the SD card but it doesn’t stay down

Interesting. Must be a glitch in the matrix… lol I know they will get the issue resolved.

I use the corner of the MicroSD card adapter to push mine in, but it sounds like you have other cameras that work fine.

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How long should it take for someone to contact me?

Hello @mclldavidson, sorry for the late reply I wasn’t tagged properly in your last post. I sent over the ticket number and you should get a reply back on here soon.

Hello @mclldavidson, you should be hearing back from your agent tommorow and if not please let me know.

Here is the support number if you would like to call.
(844) 999-3226 (weekdays only)