Can’t use the app when away from home

Hi I just got my camera the other day! I wanted it to keep an eye out on my dogs! My neighbor has the same one. He check on his dog when he’s not home
This is why I wanted it as I walk down the street the signal gets weaker. But it’s fine inside my house, he can view his yard where ever he is why can’t I do the same? This was the selling point for me. What can I do?

Hmmmm… “the signal gets weaker”. Sounds like you are viewing it on a device that doesn’t have phone coverage?

You should be able to connect to your cameras from anywhere in the world, assuming you have Internet access, and nothing is being filtered by a firewall.


Hello @maryyowell97,

If you have your data turned on when you leave your home, you should be able to view your camera from any where.


As I get a little bit past my neighbors house it freezes and lags and basically can’t use it

What device are you using? Does it have cell coverage?

That does sound like your phone getting a weak signal not a WYZE issue as the cam is attached to your home network

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How do I solve it? If I can’t use it away from my house than it’s kid of useless to me.

A iPhone 6s , AT&T is my network provider

So your camera works when you are at home, correct?

Yes I can go a few feet from my house and still works when I leave my driveway it starts acting up

Have you tried looking at it far away from your house, like in a completely different place miles away, to see if it works any better or worse or the same

Only a little ways down the street from my house

There is a possibility you are hitting a weak cell area as far as where the towers are, you could try going miles away maybe to a high trafficked area where there should be decent coverage and see if anything changes

Okay I’ll try to go a bit farther next I will try it tomorrow and see if it’s any better, thank you

You have an iPhone 6. So do I. What we are trying to ask is it activated as a cell phone? If you can use it as a cell phone from your house, then it should switch to cell phone use some time after it loses your WiFi signal, which won’t be long after you leave your house.

Oh yeah it’s Active I’m sorry long day!

Can you turn the wifi off on your phone and then see if it works on your data. It sounds like it is trying to operate on your home network instead of your data.

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I’ll try that

Ok I turned off my WiFi on my phone, and I can still use the camera

Is it working any better now?