Can’t enroll V3 camera to Home monitoring service

I bought the V3 camera separately from the base Wyze system. Camera came with free 2 weeks Cam Plus service. Camera did work fine with all features for 2 weeks and after I got a message suggesting for Cam Plus subscription. However I have home monitoring subscription that includes Cam Plus service. All my attempts to enroll camera to home monitoring service failed even after long talks to Wize representative. Now I have a camera but it does not have any cloud storage. Any solutions?

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Your HMS subscription includes one free CamPlus Subscription for one cam.

You should see that one subscription listed in the app under Account → Services → CamPlus.

If your cam is currently assigned to a different license, you will need to unassign it from it’s existing license first. If it is still in a trial, the trial must expire first.

To assign the Cam to this license, click the purple “Unassigned License” and you should see a list of your available cams that do not have any current license. If cams are already assigned to a license or trial, they will not show. Select your cam and it will assign that CamPlus license to the cam.

How to unassign camera from its own existing license?
Under Account-Services-CamPlus I can see very different picture:

but I still have home monitoring

It looks like your free CamPlus license that comes with your HMS subscription isn’t listed in your app for some reason.

Before I suggest something… How did you purchase your HMS and subscription… thru a purchase in the App or did you go to the Wyze Website to purchase it?

I bought HMS with subscription via Wyze Website. I bought camera via Amazon

Gotcha. Here are some things to try:

Go to and login to your account by clicking the Person Avatar in the top right and clicking my account. Look thru “My Subscriptions” for this entry:

If it is NOT there, contact Customer Support and tell them that your Free “Bonus CamPlus Subscription” that comes with Home Monitoring was NOT added to your account.

If it is there, first make sure you have the most up to date app from the Google Play Store.

Then try this:

  1. Go to Account → App Settings and press Clear beside the Cache listing.
  2. Go back one page to Account and Sign Out
  3. Close the app
  4. Long press on the app icon and select App Info
  5. Press Force Stop and confirm
  6. Open the app and sign in. Check the Services page again for the subscription.

If it doesn’t show, contact Customer Support and tell them that your Free “Bonus CamPlus Subscription” that comes with Home Monitoring IS showing in your online Account, but is NOT showing in the app.

They will run you thru much of the same, but you will then get a ticket number if they don’t resolve it that you can post back here.

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Ok, thank you very much. I will try your suggestions and will inform you

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Yes, subscription to CamPlus is not listed in my account. Will try to contact Customer Support again. Previously they didn’t help. May be if I point at the absence of supscription they will do something.
Thank you

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Yes. It does help to know more about the subscriptions, where they should be listed, and when you should be getting the free bonus subscription (with HMS) so that you can lead them thru that discovery. Since they have to be the ones to add that Bonus Subscription to your account based on your account email address at this point (should have been automatic upon initial HMS sub purchase), they are the only source of resolution right now.

It works!
They added Cam Plus to my account, and I was able to add my camera
Camera status in App still shows that there is no cloud storage. But I previously learned that status of equipment in Wyze App is not always correct. I will test camera next time, when I visit my property.
Thank you for your help!

:tada: WOOHOO! :clap:

Sometimes they just need to hear the right words.

The cache clear from above may change that. Also unplug the cam and plug it back in when you have force stopped the app. Then wait for the cam to reboot before going back into the app.

If this is a remote cam, I would recommend getting a smart plug so you can power cycle it from anywhere.

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Ok, thank you again. Will test your suggestions, when will visit the property

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