Can someone please explain how you can get a new camera and the account is already assigned?

Please explain how you can get a new camera and the account is already assigned to someone when you try to pair? In addition to that why do I have to get a completely new camera to fix that problem? If the camera is aware enough to recognize another acct is assigned you should be able to change this via the support line. What if I change from xfinity to at&t? Or I move? Does this mean I must replace every camera?

How can I trust wyze is not sending me a refurbished product?

Sorry I don’t understand the question at all. Are you trying to switch the camera to a new Wyze account, or a new WiFi? Both are entirely possible.

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With Beans on this. Some more details will really help pin down the issue.

Did you receive a new WCOv2 shipped from Wyze? With a Base Station or an individual Cam? Where did the cam come from?

Did it tell you the cam was already active on another account when you tried to install it?

There are security features built into the WCO that specifically prevents it from being installed to another base station if not properly released from it’s prior base station.

No. In this case both the WCO and it’s paired base station move with you. There are ways to make the new WiFi look like the old one so no reinstall is required.

If the WCO you are referencing came shipped directly from Wyze, this is an issue. If it came from a retail store, it may be a reboxed return.

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It has happened a few time before with the WCO, mostly when people have received a replacement though. As per WYZE, If the camera and the base it was originally set up on are not both deleted from a previous account you can’t set it up. If the camera is “New” ( as in never been set up) it should not have that issue unless the MAC is wrong or a duplicate MAC was given???

I had 4 cameras. 3 wyze pan cams and a v2 outdoor cam. I decide to buy 2 more outdoor cams and a solar panel.

First problem. I did not know a base only held 4 cams

I purchased every thing directly from wyze. I went to their site. But i could not attach to my base
As i was unaware a base could only hold 4

When I finally got a base up and running I find out one of the camera is already assigned to some else

Which to me implies the new camera I got was used

??? You had one Version 2 Outdoor cam, you purchase two more cameras that = 3 WCO so what is the issue about just 4 cams on the base?. I would call support and ask them to send you a new camera and send the cam you can’t set up back.
Support: 206-339-9646, have your purchase information and camera information ready.