Can reconfigure/reconnect Cam Outdoors / no speaker

I had to relocate the Base/Cam Outdoors and now can not reconfigure/reconnect the camera / make it work.

I deleted both the base and cam. The base has been relocated/redefined and seems to work just fine. The connection status light is solid blue (except when attempting to connect the outdoors cam).

No matter what I do, I can not get the outdoor cam to configure/connect to the base via the app instructions. Part of the problem is the speaker stopped working a long time ago.

The outdoors cam is fully charged (left it plugged in overnight with the switch in the off position) and the status light shows blue. The instructions say to stay within 6’ of the base (I have it sitting on top of it) and switch it to on, press the sync button and wait for the audible message. I press the sync button on the outdoor cam and the base status light starts blinking/alternating blue/amber but it never gets beyond this step. It eventually hit the timeout value and the app says to get closer to the base (already sitting next to it). Yes I have force-closed the app and restart the phone. Yes all apps on my phone are up-to-date! I even switched the base to Ethernet vs WiFi with no difference! Still can’t get past this step.

Welcome back!

Sorry about your issues, can you confirm the status light on the base and camera are both blinking blue and amber? This means they are both in pairing mode. Another thing you can try is to press the sync button on both the cam and the base at the same time, and skip the app all together.

The light only blinks on the base. The cam has always stayed steady blue.

I forgot to mention that I did try pressing both sync buttons but nothing ever happens on the cam.

I have given up on this device and will never buy another Outdoor Cam again. This Outdoor Cam has been problematic since I got it (speaker was flaky/hard to understand, microSD card never worked even with a “required” 32GB while every other Wyze camera I have works with 64GB & 128GB cards). The blue/status light never goes off or changes. So I decided to take it apart and can seen some scorching marks on some contacts/ribbon cables. I was able to disconnect power from the back display/USB connector/on-off switch by unplugging a cable to the PCB but when I reconnect, it the blue light still stays on. The on/off switch doesn’t do anything. It is dead…

There was another report of an on off switch failure, depending on how long you have had the camera you may be able to get a replacement, that would explain why the pairing didn’t work.

Oh for sure… ive had two of the on/off switches break. took the camera apart and it wasnt the outer slider, but the actual small and thin on off switch on the circuit board… its crazy and ive only ever turned them on and only once… bad plastic or something…

I wish it was that easy. I disconnected the power connector to the PCB board with the MicroUSB charging connector and on/off switch, twice, and it didn’t change anything. Even dis/reconnected the ribbon cable (which looks charred at one place). No the status light won’t come on at all.

Yea, those little tiny pcb mounted switches always have the thinnest little piece on them, makes sense that it could break.