Can notifications be received by camera?

I already am using several of your cameras at my home. I would like to install them at a 2nd location. I need the notifications of movement to work separately. For example i would want the 2nd location to send out notifications, while the house does not. Other times it would be the opposite. Can your system do this, or would i need to have two apps running on my phone? thanks

I think with one app and two separate accounts you can do what you want .

One account for home, set those cams on that account , One for 2nd location , set those cams on a separate account, then you can log in to the which cams (account) you want to monitor

I agree this should work. Without two accounts, notifications are all or nothing for all cameras connected to the account that have cloud alerts enabled.

However, you could enable/disable motion detection per camera, still using one account. But, this might be cumbersome to go into each cameras settings to toggle the motion detection.

One solution would be to use IFTTT, perhaps its button trigger, to activate/deactivate motion detection for all the cameras in one action sequence.