Can (not does) the Doorbell Cam be paired with Bridge?

This is not whether the doorbell naturally pairs to the bridge but whether it can be made to connect to the bridge. I won’t have 4 outside or inside cams it would be nice to utilize the recording backup of the bridge with the doorbell cam since I’ve already bought an outdoor cam with base and a doorbell.

It looks to me like the bridge is simply another router dedicated to these devices. As such it ought to be addressable, i.e. have a name and a password so that the doorbell can be told, “connect here.”

The Doorbell Pro connects to its chime via Bluetooth. The Outdoor Cameras connect to their base via a modified version of WiFi. There is no hardware in the WVDB Pro that would allow it to connect to the Outdoor Camera’s base.


The doorbell has to connect through wifi because my monitor is only wifi. I want to route the doorbell through the bridge.

You could create a Wishlist item that allows the Doorbell Pro’s Chime to connect to the Outdoor Camera’s base (the Pro connects to the Chime over Bluetooth), or for the original doorbell to do so, but there is no methodology to connect to the Outdoor base from a Doorbell today:


It is. Your request is not technically unfeasible but seems unlikely to happen.